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Lina Music House is a leading music school servicing Melbourne and Sydney metropolitan areas

We nurture Talent

We not only teach music but nurture the natural talent of our students so that they grow into the best possible version of themselves. Our mission is to develop passionate musicians who then can go on to educate, motivate and inspire others to take up an instrument. 

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lina chan

Meet The Founder

Lina Chan

Lina Chan is a piano teacher, singer songwriter and vocal coach. She studied a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne and a Diploma of Popular Music Performance at JMC Academy. She has performed and taught music in America, Hong Kong, China and Japan.

Lina has 19 years of teaching experience in preparing students for AMEB piano examinations. She has created her own educational products to help prepare students for two to three piano examinations a year. Her students have been awarded music scholarships and continue their piano studies at tertiary level.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have students as young as 3 years old and even grandparents learn music with us. It depends on the student’s musical goals some students need to complete AMEB.

Beginner leisure students can start on an 88 key keyboard but the keyboard will need to be touch sensitive where the student plays lightly on the key the keyboard will produce a soft sound. Alternatively, they can use an electronic piano with weighted keys. For those preparing for AMEB exams, it is recommended that they use an upright acoustic piano to develop good piano pedalling techniques.

Beginners start with half hour lessons once a week. If students would like to have longer lessons or two lessons a week this can also be arranged.
Playing simple and beautiful pieces can usually be achieved within 12 months. Within two years students can play more complicated pieces. The secret to learning piano well is practising consistently.

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