We have many happy clients that rave about our ability to transfer their lives with music.

Some Of Our Reviews

“I highly recommend Lina’s Music House as Lina have been teaching my 7 year old son since last year. The way Lina explains and teaches is very thorough and easier for you to understand and learn. You can find her music lessons on YouTube to help you practice with your music piece.”

Anna N.

“My daughter has enjoyed learning piano at Lina’s. It also helps that they provide a friendly and supportive atmosphere. They also have various materials that guide the student! She is looking forward to the next terms!”

Allan N.

“Lina is probably the nicest music teacher I have had in my life. She is a very nice person and is firm when needed.”

Melon K.

“My son has been learning from Lina for two years , Lina is very patient and professional teacher. Thanks Lina”

Robert Y.

Parent Testimonials

“With Lina’s help, my daughter has a new goal.

Lina will teach her how to work hard and practice effectively to achieve her goals.

This increases her overall confidence.

She has learnt the importance of hard work, dedication and persistence through something she enjoys.”


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