Student Achievements​

Many of our students have gone on to accomplish incredible achievements.

How our students grow

Student Pathways

Awarded Scholarships

Many of our former students have been awarded music scholarships in recognition of their music talents.

Teaching Music

Some of our students go on to become music teachers after learning and mastering an instrument.

Media Coverage

Lina’s Music House supports students to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to achieve outstanding results. Performance, networking and teaching opportunities, provide students with the tools and inspiration to create successful and sustainable careers in music.

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Piano prodigy

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Students Success Stories

Jasper C.

Jasper started learning piano with Lina at 5 years of age. He completed all his AMEB piano and theory exams in 2018. Jasper commenced teaching at Lina’s Music House in the same year. He is now preparing for the AMEB Certificate of Performance and VCE Music.

Katrina K.

Katrina studied popular singing performance with Lina for 6 months. She was learning English, Cantonese and Mandarin Songs. After a few months of lessons, Katrina was awarded 2nd place in the 2017 University of Melbourne’s Cantonese Singing Competition.

Priscilla L.

Priscilla started piano lessons with Lina at 5 years of age. She later transferred to Lina’s piano teacher to advance her piano studies. Priscilla later transferred back to Lina (2012 – 2013) to prepare for her AMEB Grade 8 piano exam and Year 12 Music Investigation. Priscilla was admitted into the Bachelor of Music at the University of Melbourne in 2014. She started teaching at Lina’s Music House in the same year. Priscilla graduated from the Master of Music (performance teaching) in 2018.

Joseph H.

Joseph studied piano with Lina for 10 months in 2013 in preparation for the 2014 Bachelor of Music auditions at The University of Melbourne. During the initial consultation with Joseph, he performed an AMEB Grade 8 piece without having prior professional musical training. 

To be successfully admitted into the Bachelor of Music, Joseph would need to learn how to read notes, define musical symbols, memorise all technical work, learn music history dating back to the 1600s, cover AMEB Grade 1 – 3 Theory of Music and Grade 1 – 5 Aural training. 

With lots of dedication, commitment and hard work, Joseph was successfully admitted into the Bachelor of Music in 2014.

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