Brand New Website Launch

Welcome to our brand new LMH website! Since launching the first ever LMH website three years ago, we have received many music enquiries from around the world. LMH is continually growing, technology is rapidly changing, so it was time for an upgrade to cater for this demand. You can see the history of LMH in our gallery. You can watch our LMH Channel video tutorials, interviews, guest speakers and promotional videos in or video section of the website. You can read our blogs for a slight glimpse into our music industry and lifestyle.

We would like to think LMH is not just another music school. We are a group of multi-passionate people who have successfully pursued multiple career paths and love music because of our many years of professional music training. Our multi-talented young generation need role models to help them understand that they do not have to restrict themselves to one career. There are many possibilities in this world and they can be who they want to be, as long as they do it well.

Our websites are designed by Trung Lau and this website took us three months to complete. If you like Trung’s design then feel free to contact him on [email protected] to help you build your business website. He is very creative and easy to work with. Thank you Trung!

be who you want to be