Design Your Life – Make Your Life A Masterpiece

If you’re finding it more difficult than ever to juggle the demands of your job and the rest of your life, you’re not alone. With my seven day work schedule,  I used to stress over everything, especially the things that was out of my control.  I have now learned to  focus my time and attention on things I can control, and how to prioritise work when everything is important.

I would like to share with you how I bring a little more balance into my daily routine during the month of June:

1. Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend – Mornington Peninsula Road Trip

I know that if I am surrounded by pianos and technology, I will not  switch off and rest. A road trip changes up the routine and gets you out of the house. It’s taking off on an adventure together with friends and family. A road trip combines anticipation, adventure, and exploration all at once.

Johnny Ripe in Mornington Peninsula sells delicious desserts and is a very nice place overlooking great scenery.


Montalto Vineyard & Olive Grove – Mornington Peninsula
I love the laid back Australian weekend lifestyle, especially when there is live music. Music really helps you relax and helps boost your creativity.
I love the feeling of being on the edge of the world.
The beauty and the awe of sunset can hep you relax.
Feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day? Amazingly, by taking the time to gaze out into the vast, color-soaked sky, we’re actually empowering ourselves to regain control of the clock.
6am sunrise at Mornington Peninsula
FIshing Charter at Mornington Peninsula
We are off to sea….
Watching the beautiful sunrise can recharge every level of our energy.
I caught my first ever fish at sea! Feeling accomplished.
If only I could freeze time at this particular moment ….
My first fishing experience out at sea during 6am sunrise
Someone caught a stingray on our fishing charter.
We caught four fish by the end of the fishing charter. Despite hooking myself in the palm with the hook one time during the entire trip, it was a great experience.

I love discovering new places and things. Maybe it’s a Café or a look out in a hidden place.  Maybe it’s great food, cheese and wine. You never know what might be just over the hill.

Red Hill Cheese produce distinctive, hand-crafted regional cheeses to complement Mornington Peninsula wines.
Red Hill Cheese is a small Cheesery and Cellar Door on the farm at Red Hill.
Cheese tasting while overlooking beautiful scenery

A good road trip creates memories. There are new places to see, new foods to eat, new people to meet, and more.

Mornington Peninsula Pier
Pelikan Société is an absolutely outstanding cafe. Wonderfully styled and welcoming cafe in a picturesque spot on the Western Port Bay. I have been here two times for breakfast and lunch because the food is so good.
Pelikan Société has a great Specials Menu. The food and service are great.
Maple Baked Plums with Thyme Creme Fraiche & Sweet Biscuit Crumble
Braised Lamb Pie with Garlic Skordalia & Minted Pea Puree


The coffee is better than those that I have experience in Melbourne.
The Chai Latte is better at Pelikan Société.
The Chai Latte is better at Pelikan Société. Tasty and full of flavour.

Mornington Peninsula has lots to see and lots to do and lots of food!

Main Ridge Dairy Cheese Tasting
Main Ridge Dairy is a farmhouse cheese factory and goat dairy located in Main Ridge on the Mornington Peninsula.
The cheesery is located at the front of a beautiful farm and consists of a sales outlet adjacent to the cheese factory, which allows cheese lovers a view into the ‘Manufacturing room’ and a ‘Maturing room’.



I love different types of interior designs.
The Specials Lunch Menu at this cafe has complimentary wine with each of your meals.
Loquat Restaurant is one of the best fining places in Mornington Peninsula I have ever been too. I’ve been here twice and the food has been consistently great.




After a long road trip, nothing beats coming home. You are feel fully recharged and ready to get back into work and take on the world again.


2. Property Rejuvenation -Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend.

Thank you to my brother Johnny, Susan,  Ron and his brother for completely transforming our studio landscaping over the Queen’s birthday long weekend. Words can’t describe how grateful I am to have such kind hearted and great people in my life. I can now finally spend more time on the music school and less time worrying about the grass and weeds.

Before Front Yard Landscaping
Before Front Yard Landscaping
Getting rid of all the grass…
Getting rid of all the grass…
Getting rid of all the grass…
No more grass….
No more grass…
Our new front yard landscape.
Our new front yard landscape.
Our new front yard landscape.

3.  My music students are funny, fascinating and unpredictable -They are the masterminds behind LMH.

I feel blessed to be helping people, doing something I enjoy and being appreciated for my hard work.  I started teaching piano when I was 14 years of age and I ate muesli bars, junk food, frozen meals because I had no time to cook or even study. During the time I was studying Science at University, I had 30 hours of scheduled classes and practicals to attend.  I remember how I used to rush home to teach piano and skip dinner. When I graduated my Diploma of Music and started to offer in home tuition, I would be snacking in the car in between students and sleeping 3-5 hours a day to balance out work, study and friends. I’m sure the parents of my students knew this and they would always offer a home cooked dinner before the lesson so I could eat a proper meal with their family, before teaching. It still brings tears to my eyes at how blessed I was during my start up phase of Lina’s Music House to have kind hearted families who looked out for my well being. Why do I say all of this? You reap what you sow. The life I live now is because of delayed gratification and lots of hard work. Enjoy what you do, be great at what you do and build a business that lasts…..

Our student’s parents are very creative. Thank you to Susan Duong for knitting these cute gloves to keep my hands warm while practising piano during this cold Melbourne Winter period.
My students keep me up to date with the latest trends in school. Loom bands have taken over Australian Schools by storm.
Our talented student made a treble clef with her loom bands. Very musical!
Our talented student made a treble clef with her loom bands. Very musical!
LMH offers our students our own piano and singing examinations for all ages ( from 3.5 years of age and above). So far 25 students have been awarded with our LMH exam certificates.
One of our happy students who have received the LMH examination certificate.
The smile on our LMH student faces after sitting their first ever piano exam is priceless!
Our youngest piano teacher in training. Leo Huang registered two of his private students into the LMH examination under the guidance and training of Lina.
Our youngest piano student who is 3.5 years of age was extremely happy when she received her first piano exam certificate.
Our most advanced piano student who complete an LMH exam has been studying with Lina for seven years. Learning piano well is a long term commitment.
I love my hand knitted scarf from a mother (Susan Duong) at the school. It suits my professional winter wardrobe.
We have updated our LMH business cards and the students love our new design. Thank you Trung Lau for all our in school designs so far.
My students loves to bring their new toys to music lesson.
I was invited to talk to the Grade 1/2’s at the local primary school about the piano. I introduced them to the instrument and performed my first orginal song “Emotions” to the children. It was an amazing experience and it’s great to have a standing ovation from little adults after a performance.



4. Combining my favourite things in life – Music,  Food, Health, and Business

The best time to plan the rest of your day is while waiting for lunch to be served.
I don’t usually have time to sit down and just eat so I schedule in business meetings over lunch occasionally to change my routine from eating on the go.
My brother Johnny Chan was very involved with LMH and decided to branch off and start his own company last year September 2013. Johnny is the Managing Director of Alpha International Digital Marketing. They have a team of entrepreneurs in Australia and throughout South East Asia.
Alpha International Digital Marketing Business meeting over some nice food.
Food and business – bliss!
I’m a multi passionate person so it was very natural for me to get involved in multiple businesses and projects. It is very draining but very worth it. I have taken on the role of Marketing Director at Alpha International Digital Marketing because I enjoy challenging myself in business and would like to see how far I will go with using the strategies I have used in building LMH on a different business.
Having your brother as your business partner makes it easier to have work life balance. We both have seven day work schedules but we still have time for friends and family. We are continually re designing our lives and enjoy the flexibility of having full control of our own work schedules.
It is very hard to find the motivation to go to the gym during the cold winter months. The best way is to schedule in fitness activities with friends. My first time at the trampoline theme park Bounce Inc.. It was a great work out.
Exercising does not have to be something boring and dreaded. It can be something that you enjoy that helps to increase the overall happiness in your life. Find a committed gym buddy to keep you active during the colder months.

5. Reward yourself for each career milestone.

I understand myself very well so I know how to motivate myself. I always set myself small and large career goals to help me achieve my end goal . I reward myself with good food if I reach each small milestone and reward myself with an overseas trip for each large milestone.


Over looking Melbourne CBD at Vue De Monde
Vue de monde, at level 55 of Melbourne’s iconic Rialto building, is testament to the belief that restaurant dining can be a wondrous, unforgettable experience and pays homage to classical fine dining in a sophisticated, modern context.

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This is how I feel at the moment when someone asks me about my relationship status.


Life is an art and you are the artist. What are you creating?

Your life is  a beautiful work in progress that you are constantly refining.

Today is a new day and there is a blank canvas in front of you.  You are the artist and you have the power to create your own life. What will be your masterpiece?