Piano Debut – New Book Release

To celebrate the new release of our book, Piano Debut, we are offering the book as a free download on our website.

It was a 5 year book project, from writing to graphic design. I’m so excited to share the book I poured my heart and soul into with piano teachers, piano students and their families around the world.

Piano Debut is a collection of teaching methods and strategies I’ve developed for students over my 20 years of teaching, performing and musical journey.

In this book, we have tips from professional music teachers and musicians, to help students confidently prepare for solo performances, duets, exams, competitions and group performances.

This book is filled with fun and simple activities I use to help my students overcome stage fright, improve piano technique and develop their own performance style.

Download a free copy of the book from our website today and join us in our upcoming video tutorials, where I will take you on a journey through the world of music performance.