Learn 28 new pieces or songs in 2015 – Student Challenge

“The more pieces or songs our students play, the faster they will progress to the next level.” – Lina Chan

Some of you may be thinking, how on earth is a student going to master so many pieces in such a short amount of time?! Lina has been preparing students for AMEB examinations for 14 years, and her students were learning on average 8 -10 new exam pieces a year. Lina wanted her students to learn 20 new pieces a year and because of this, Lina created the LMH Concert Collection series that will help motivate our students to learn more concert repertoire to perform at our end of year concerts. The following publications will launch in February 2015 and aim to help our LMH students improve their playing or singing, sight reading, theory, rhythm, performance skills, and musical knowledge.

“The key to success is lots of practice, a structured music education system and a lot of encouragement.” Lina Chan

The pieces in each publication (pictures below) will only take a week or two to master, so the student will be less stressed and frustrated. As a result, they can finally enjoy learning and performing music.

Concert Collection Popular Piano level A B C Concert Collection Popular Piano level D E F Concert Collection Popular Piano Prep One Concert Collection Popular Piano Two Three Concert Collection Popular Piano Four Five Singing Concert Collection Level A Singing Concert Collection Level B