Lina sings the Australian Anthem at the Springvale Lunar New Year Festival 2015

It was an honour to sing the Australian Anthem and be the English and Chinese MC at the Springvale Lunar New Year festival for the third consecutive year.  It was an amazing feeling to perform on stage with all the politicians, VIPs and audience upstanding while I sing the Australian Anthem. As an Australian born Chinese (ABC), I truly believe and live by the lyrics of the national anthem.

“Our land abounds in nature’s gifts of beauty rich and rare.”

Australia is a beautiful place revealing secrets and treasures of nature at every step. Each step forward is unforgettable. There are places in Australia where you will feel a million miles away from the world you left behind.  Cliff top views, lush fern gullies and isolated beaches await you. It is nature’s drama unfolding at every step. Take the time to explore Australia’s diverse natural landscapes and iconic wildlife while you travel. Wander across sand dunes and snow white beaches, trek through lush green rainforests and rugged desert country, while getting up close to the natural inhabitants as you go.

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Mornington Peninsula

Great Ocean Road

Mt Baw Baw

Castlemaine and Maldon

Macedon Ranges


“For those who’ve come across the seas, we’ve boundless planes to share. With courage let us all combine, Advance Australia Fair.”

If Australia didn’t have Centrelink to help the people who really need it, then I would not have survived till today.  I was able to study a Bachelor of Science and a Diploma of Music majoring in vocals because of HECS. By singing the Australian National Anthem during Chinese New Year, I am embracing my two cultural backgrounds and thanking Australia using my voice through multilingualism and singing.

You can view my Australian National Anthem performance by clicking on the photo or the link below.

anthem 3

The Australian National Anthem is an important national symbol of Australia  and should be treated with respect and dignity. The Australian National Anthem identifies Australia at home and overseas.  It unites the nation and is a public expression of joy and pride in being  Australian. The Australian National Anthem is used at official and public ceremonies,  sporting and community events.

anthem 5 anthem 2 anthem 1 anthem 4

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Photo left: Colin Dieu (Chinese MC) Photo middle: Lina Chan (English and Cantonese MC) Photo right: Minh Truong (Vietnamese MC)
Photo left: Colin Dieu (Chinese MC)
Photo middle: Lina Chan (English and Cantonese MC)
Photo right: Minh Truong (Vietnamese MC)